Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DQM's Tips for Surviving the Holidays & Serendipity's included

So I was invited by the DQM to join a gaggle of my favorite ladies & dole out our advice on making it through the season of maddening merriment!

The resulting tips are as amusing as they are helpful. Seriously - check it out & let us both know what you think!
A Day in the Life of a Drama Queen's Momma: Tips for Surviving the Holidays: Ah. The Holidays. Between the tree, the lights, the excessive family gatherings, the kids being home for two weeks straight, and the thought...

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1 comment:

  1. I love your holiday advice! My birthday is in December (tomorrow actually - I'm turning the big 4-OH) so I find it quite "easy" to take time for myself and do something childish and fun for myself.

    Thanks so much for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.