Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Help Ninja Pirate Fairies Save the TaTas

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Ok, so this is one part history, one part plea for help. Five Months ago I posted a piece about the impact breast cancer has had on my life & why on Wednesdays I wear pink. 

I started my ‪#‎onwednesdayswewearpink‬ campaign as a very personal reminder to honor my family history & to raise my voice. Even if only a few people saw it on my Facebook page.

I spent a few weeks trying to figure out how to shine a light on the boobs without always talking about them. Then I realized that just like I had in the offline (real) part of my life, it needed to be part of the natural order of things. 

Because I am not so fearless I can spend a whole day every week talking about breast cancer. What I am doing is spending a whole day every week promoting awareness for a cause that has always been my battle. Because these boobs are worth fighting for. 

So I decided on Wednesdays I would change my profile & cover photos to different breast cancer awareness T-shirts. I reminded my "Ninja Pirate Fairies" (what I call my page followers) to join me. Then I got into a habit of "dropping off" pink t-shirts to other pages as a reminder that #OnWednesdayWeWearPink.
And ya know, something amazing happened. Slowly other pages joined me in the Pink Wednesday campaign. I had honestly never imagined other pages would be changing profile photos, posting their fun finds on my page & echoing my message. Reminding everyone to #CheckTheirHumpsForLumps, #SaveTheTaTas, and #SaveARack. 

Not just one month out of the year. Every. Week. Amazeballs.

Now I'm trying something a bit bolder.  I want to raise a little money for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, so I'm selling these Ninja Pirate Fairies Save The TaTas t-shirts through

The deal with this is that it is crowdsourced, so in order to print the shirts, we must reach our goal in less than 3 weeks. No matter if we sell 30 or 300 of these - 100% of the proceeds will be donated. 

It's a small goal, to be sure. But since I never thought anyone would join my cause, I feel crazy even giving this a go.

I'm super excited. And a bit frightened it won't work.  So I need all the help I can get. 

Living Beyond Breast Cancer


  1. What an amazing cause you have committed yourself to! (and the shirts are adorable!) Thanks for sharing this week on the #SHINEbloghop!

  2. What a great cause and great mission! Thank you so much for sharing with the #SHINEbloghop! You're already achieving your goal of spreading the message. :)