Sunday, November 13, 2016

Inspiring Serendipity: a How To List

I've mentioned this a time or two before, but music has always been my first love

Not that I'm musically inclined, mind you. My memories have nevertheless always seemed inseparable from the soundtrack.

At this point, I could ramble on in 20 directions - each path a song, each inspiring another story, or chapter, or cinematic photo montage. 

Instead, when asked what music inspires me, I've done what I so often do with difficult questions - I made a playlist. 

In point of fact, I attempted to compel a Top 10 list of songs that define and inspire me. I was going to make this a #10Thankful-type post. I failed. 

After several days of editing my various go-to song lists, I finally whittled it down to 20 videos on a YouTube playlist

Unlike days of old, when I used to make mix tapes/cds for my beloveds, I'm not breaking down all the deep musings that went into these choices in a lengthy set of liner notes. 

At least I'm not today. 

For now, I'll let this collected hour and twenty minutes of music speak for me. And I'd love to hear your thoughts on these songs, or even which songs you turn to for inspiration. 

I've given this playlist the  title of "BeFierce BeKind BePositive." You can see more of my favorite songs, as well as my own videos on my YouTube Channel. 


  1. I did a song list once. I find my taste is changing somewhat as I get older. I like the older songs, and not so much into the pen pineapple pens.

  2. I also sail in the same boat. I love music but can put my finger on one artist or genre. So I am always making a play list - on apps or players:)

  3. Interesting playlist, because I only know perhaps five of the songs. So there would be a lot of discovery, there. And I so love O-o-h Child.
    Some day, yeah
    We'll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun
    Some day
    When the world is much brighter.

    We can only hope.

  4. I too have music intertwined with my life- snatches of song that are indelibly linked with incidents that changed my life. Perhaps I'll make a playlist too....